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Sheila Smedley

Certified Medium & Holistic Life Guide

Living a fearless, joy-filled life is a gift we all deserve to give ourselves.  These are truly the qualities we are meant to embody and express in our lives.  It is my sincere desire to assist you on our shared quest for awakening, healing and joy. Life guidance sessions offer you a fresh, new perspective on your life's path. Helping you to source all the answers from within yourself, will empower you to enjoy a life enriched with deeper meaning and intention.  Life no longer happens TO you, but instead, abundantly FOR you!

As an evidential medium, I bear witness to the fact that we are all energy: spiritual beings having this brief, human journey. When that journey has come to its conclusion, we continue on eternally.  No longer in need of their physical bodies, souls who have passed from this Earthly realm are ever-near and but a thought away.  The energy of those we have loved is as real as our own and the love generated on both sides of the veil is what connects us always. Making connection with your loved ones in Spirit offers you hope and the beautiful revelation that death truly is an illusion.

Can you imagine having loving assistance and guidance surrounding you each and every day of your life? We all have Spirit Guides, although few of us are aware of this fact or are willing to invite these Divine companions into our lives on a deeper level. Through the beautiful practice of automatic writing, I show you how you can connect with your higher self and those loving entities known as our Guides. This can be a truly transformative experience which can lead you to realize a life lived with renewed confidence and fearlessness. I offer you continued support long after your initial channelling session, to help you develop a practice that will enhance your life going forward. 

The Silent Voice by Gerald Moira

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