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It is my sincere pleasure to be of service to you in my role as evidential medium, channeller and life guide. I always welcome your curiosity and your questions, so please feel free to get in touch so that I can help you to discover your happiest and most fulfilling life!

Angela, San Antonio, Texas

I had the great opportunity to do two separate Spirit Reading sessions with Sheila.  She is so kind and loving that I felt right at ease with her.  She connected me with loved ones who had passed and it felt like I was reliving those memories all over again.  It was amazing.  She mentioned some things during those readings that were spot on. My heart was filled with tenderness and beautiful memories I had forgotten. Most of all, I was left with such a sense of peace after both sessions.

Dinah,  Victoria, B.C.

I had a lovely afternoon with Sheila, doing the automatic writing course. I am looking forward to building on my  writing practice and connecting more with Spirit on a regular basis. Sheila is a really gentle, joyful and loving leader; guiding people back to our highest and most loving selves.

Lisa, Victoria, B.C.

I met with Sheila several times these past few months for some life guidance. Sheila's warmth and compassion and beautiful energy immediately came through. She is gifted at asking the right questions, giving one unhurried time to reflect and respond, and most importantly she really listened and connected with me and offered beautiful spiritual and practical guidance.
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