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About Sheila

It was from a very early age that I realized life held something far greater than what my human eyes perceived.  It wasn't until later on, however, when my own psychic abilities came to the fore that I was able to make sense of the journey I have travelled thus far. Little did I realize that all those earlier years were simply preparing me for the amazing adventure I now find myself on.  As an evidential medium, channeller and life guide, it is my honour to be of service to my world at a time when finding connection to deeper meaning in our lives is of such vital importance.

Studying with the famous medium, James Van Praagh, has been both rewarding and enlightening. Others have observed that I seem to be on a 'fast track' with the development of my gifts. I will never cease to feel such joy and gratitude for the opportunity to use these abilities in my lifetime.

Training to be a life coach/guide with renowned spiritual author, Alan Cohen was an honour for me. His ongoing contributions in the field of self-discovery and spiritual growth have touched the lives of millions and I have been blessed to be one of those!  I wholeheartedly  share Alan's belief that we all have the ability to courageously believe in ourselves and follow our dreams. 

I am a dyed-in-the-wool creative old soul, who knows that through our unique creative endeavours, we have the ability to heal, discover and grow beyond our often limited expectations.  I have a love of all animals; large and small. I have a deep connection to the Spiritual voice of nature.  I find great joy in music: as both a singer and a listener.  I also have a passion for the rich legacy of cinema and an enduring belief in the magic and power of film to touch our lives with messages that have the ability to literally transform us.

I currently reside in Victoria, British Columbia where I share life with my little calico Sophie-cat and several beloved Spirit Guides!

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