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Kind Words

I have taken several classes with Sheila on channeling, connecting with your Spirit Guides and on psychic development.  Each class was filled with wisdom and insight, and I received a wealth of information and inspiration.  Sheila is a gifted teacher and imparts her knowledge freely and generously.  Her classes are always incredibly well organized and flow effortlessly.  I have always left her classes feeling inspired and uplifted, and would highly recommend them to anyone wishing to gain clarity and insight into these topics. ~ Agnes A.

 “The three-hour workshop was not only transformative and a delight, it provided a confirmation of the direction of my life. Sheila and her workshop appears when you need it most, because as she says “there are no coincidences!” The group was lovingly taken care of from start to finish, and I just am so incredibly grateful for the experience.” Chelsea D.

Sheila, thank you so much for creating a beautiful space of comfort and
safety for those of us that are seeking to further our spiritual journey. ~ Sharon Y.

I attended Sheila’s psychic development class and am grateful I did. Sheila’s  lovely studio was the perfect place for such a gathering and the energy was calm and welcoming.  Sheila created a space where everyone felt safe to express themselves, ask questions, or share experiences. She is a gentle, kind, and generous teacher and hostess.  Her enthusiasm and passion for the topic were delightful and she kept everyone fully engaged.  Sheila covered a variety of ways  that you could improve your intuition and tap into your own psychic abilities and we were given the opportunity to work in pairs to try this out.  This was really fun.  
I would definitely recommend this class, especially for folks at the beginning of their journey with the metaphysical and psychic realms. Sheila provides you with different approaches to exploring the path that most resonates with you.  Plus you are given worksheets that list tools for continuing your practice daily.  Sheila really is unique in her authentic dedication to her students as she makes herself available at all times for questions and ongoing support about the higher self and growing your own intuitive skills.   Her belief that everyone can do this is powerful and you will leave feeling inspired and motivated.  I’m looking forward to attending more classes with Sheila.  ~ Kim S.


Spirit Reading with Sheila

Sheila was wonderful! Not only did she provide a very relaxed supportive environment, she was also able to provide me with specific and definitive signs that my old friend was present, was engaging with us and reliving wonderful past experiences that we shared together as friends. Our session together gave me clarity and peace of mind to realize that my old friend truly remembered me and our friendship and was at peace and happy to know I had contacted him and that he was remembered.  Ray ~ Victoria, B.C.


Wonderful Life Coaching Sessions

met with Sheila several times these past few months for some life guidance. Sheila's warmth and compassion and beautiful energy immediately come through. She is gifted at asking the right questions, giving one unhurried time to reflect and respond, and most importantly, she really listened and connected with me, and offered beautiful spiritual and practical guidance. ~ Lisa HL

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