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A Lily Dale Adventure

It was a fleeting ‘teaser’ of a trip I made to Lily Dale last week, but it was an undeniably special visit all the same. Lily Dale Assembly is located in southwestern New York State. It takes pride in being the world’s largest centre for the science, philosophy and religion of Spiritualism.

Beyond this information, I really had little idea what to expect when I entered the historic Victorian village, which is currently celebrating its 144th year of existence. It felt as if I were stepping back in time as I strolled through the narrow streets that run between the many quaint timber framed cottages. Lily Dale is nestled within a beautiful wooded acreage alongside the tranquil Cassadaga Lake. Mediums live here and study here and practice their spiritual gifts here. Visitors come to refresh and renew their own spiritual and physical energies. Never before have I had the opportunity to be among so many individuals who share my enthusiasm and devotion to the wonders of mediumship. I felt privileged to have been guided to this place.

What happens at Lily Dale? Well, summertime is no doubt the busiest time of the year for the community. Speakers, special events and ongoing Spiritualist services attract visitors from around the world. There is a buzz of energy emanating from the roots of the trees to the highest realms of the non-physical and it’s a palpable thing. Sitting in the assembly hall while I attended a couple of the daily services, I couldn’t help but wonder at the energy that fills this hallowed space. Over the span of generations, souls have been lovingly contacted within its four walls. So much healing and so much hope have been offered for those longing to believe that their departed loved ones are not so departed after all. The mediums offer their services to all who seek connection and I have no doubt that certain mediums in spirit oversee the precious legacy they’ve left behind.

A fleeting visit perhaps, but enough for me to feel the magic of this place and to gratefully receive the gifts that Lily Dale bestows to all mediums. I came away with a renewal of commitment to the service I am privileged to offer through my own mediumship practice. I came away with a knowledge that wherever Spirit takes me, I will be happy to embrace the adventure.

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