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Imagination: Your Golden Ticket to Extraordinary

Not so very long ago it came to me as a bit of a surprise that many people don’t actually spend much time engaging their powers of imagination. Pardon my naïveté. I guess as a life-long creative, I’ve naturally partnered up with that spark of intuition within that always lit the flames of my often over-active imagination. One thing is for sure, however; I now realize the vital role that my imagination has played in the development of my psychic gifts and in my connection to the world of Spirit. You see, our imagination (and we all have one) is an incredibly powerful gift that plays a vital role in our spiritual awareness.  It’s something we want to cultivate instead of disregard as mere child’s play; and I’m a strong advocate for child’s play!  When I teach others how to connect with their Spirit Guides, for instance, I so often get the question “How do I know it’s not just my imagination?’ and I reply ‘Well, yes, of course it’s your imagination. Spirit has to co-create with you in order to connect and imagination is a doorway that first must be opened to invite that beautiful engagement in.’ The more you can allow yourself to enter into the world of your imagination, the easier it is to access all your psychic abilities. That said, it is a very necessary hallmark of all my workshops that I engage the imagination.  Not only does a creative, hands-on element bring a greater sense of fun into the experience, it also generates a sense of joy that is shared well beyond our time together. And so I would invite you to let your imagination be the ‘golden ticket’ to a life of very real and extraordinary possibilities.

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