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Angels in an Airport

For those of you who may have had the ‘pleasure’ of travelling by air in the recent past, I’m sure you’ve noticed that this mode of travel isn’t quite what it once was. Cancellations, delays, maintenance woes, and dear ‘ol Mother Nature…they’re all on the air travellers menu these days. And speaking of menu selections; Mr. Noodle? Honestly?!! Well, a few weeks ago I found myself stranded in Atlanta International Airport for fifteen plus hours. At one point I had that Tom Hanks movie ‘The Terminal’ re-playing through my mind. You know the movie where the tourist from Eastern Europe ends up spending months living in JFK Airport? Well, if you haven’t seen it, I can highly recommend it. Luckily, that wasn’t my fate, but there was a bit of ‘Am I ever going to get out of here?’ going on. It wasn’t long before I realized the angels were beginning to appear. First there was John, the ICU nurse from Buffalo hospital who I sat next to on the flight into Atlanta. We had a great conversation about life after life. He told me his stories and I told him mine and then we thanked the Universe for bringing us together. Then there was the beautiful Suzette at the Delta help desk. She was compassion incarnate as she chose the nicest hotel for my overnight stay and reassured me that all was right with my world. Instantly recognizing our soul connection, we nearly broke into a rendition of ‘This Little Light of Mine”! Gee, now I wish we had. Then airline agent angels London and Ricardo worked tirelessly to get me the heck out of their airport. And they did it! Bless their heavenly halos. So, I may have taken the long way home, but I realized there were a whole lot of Earth Angels to meet along the way. They are all around us, you know. Sometimes we simply have to stay put long enough to see them and then be thankful we did!

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