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Book Divination


When I present this little exercise in my Psychic Development workshops, participants generate a buzz of anticipation for the message they will find within the pages of a book they will intuitively choose from the titles lying in front of them. Book divination is something you may well be familiar with, but perhaps weren’t aware that it is a ‘thing’. So, quite simply it is the act of reaching for a book that you feel drawn to, opening it and allowing your eyes to fall on the words before you. Therein lies your message, your guidance, your comfort; exactly that which is meant for you in that moment. I love to relate the experience I recently had when I was instinctively drawn into a bookstore and led into the Spirituality section. My eyes fell upon the title ‘Conversations With God’. Now I had heard of this book many times in the past, but today I knew to pick the volume up, open it and read: ‘And so, I have chosen you to be my Messenger. You, and many others. For now, during these times immediately ahead, the world will need many trumpets to sound the clarion call. The world will need many voices to speak the words of truth and healing for which millions long.’ Well, suffice to say that moment started me on yet another leg of this amazing spiritual journey and part of that journey is now offering my Psychic Development workshops. People are being drawn to this with very little effort from me. I’m just doing what I truly love to do and what brings me great joy. If you are interested in exploring your unique gifts of intuition and psychic abilities, there is a seat awaiting you at one of my November workshops. Check out my ‘EVENTS’ page for further details.

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