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From 'Human Race' to 'Soul Stroll'

Following an afternoon of sharing mindfulness exercises in my spirit guide and channeling workshop, I felt as my students did; a blissful state of peace. It’s in this centred and calming oasis of the body, mind and soul that a being wants to linger. Social media, perpetual news feeds and the like contribute in large part to the fast-paced ‘human race’ we can easily find ourselves caught up in. Are we having fun yet? I wonder. Embracing the life of a spiritual guide and medium has led me to make the conscious decision to extricate myself for the most part from the stresses and anxieties of a life I once knew. This has meant relinquishing much of what society would today deem ‘necessities’ for the privilege of living a much simpler and slower paced existence. It’s what I like to think of as living a ‘soul stroll’ life instead of a ‘human race’. Gratitude is my daily bread. I love to share the relaxed energy that my living space generates with those who come to visit. There’s lots of soul-centred activity that takes place within my four walls; colourful creativity in my art studio, communication with those in the world of Spirit in my comfortable and intimate living room, and plenty of good home cooking in my pint-sized kitchen. And so this ‘soul stroll’ existence offers me a contentment and level of engagement with life that I honestly never thought possible. The very best thing of all? Well, for me it’s my ability to share through my workshops and sessions the means to including in a whole lot more ‘stroll’ and a lot less ‘race’ into our lives. I happily welcome travelling companions along the way!

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