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From Lost to Found

My beloved's birthday is fast approaching. I’m thinking about the roses I will buy for him and how I will honour him on his special day. Although eleven years have slipped by since he passed, my beloved is ever-present with me. He lets me know he’s near in a multitude of signs he gives me throughout my day; little delights that thrill my heart and bring him close to me in any given moment. He is every bit as real to me now as he would have been had he still existed on this Earthly plane, but it's even better than that. To have my beloved by my side in every breath that I take is exactly as I would wish this relationship to manifest itself. I am happy and content with him here. I know that there will be so much more once I too make that final journey homeward. Best of all, there will be no more ‘good byes’. I shall never have to experience the absence of him and neither will he ever have to say a final farewell to me. The relationship deepens and grows richer from here on in. I feel that in my own experience, there is an important message I am called upon to convey to others. So many hang on relentlessly to the lingering or the shockingly immediate moments before a loved one’s transition homeward. The story gets retold: played over and over again and there’s just no moving on from that place of pain and loss. I want to gently tell those that are held hostage by their grief that they are holding both themselves back from living their life fully and from allowing themselves to realize a new and potentially profound relationship with those that have passed. In my service as an evidential medium, I can testify that loved ones who have returned to their true home want so much to be known as the happy, whole and completely peaceful souls they are. All the pain, the fear, the regret, the sorrow has been left far behind, because there is no need for it in the non-physical realm where soul lessons aren’t a part of that spirit existence. The soul is complete and knowing of the divine connection to all, which includes all who remain loved and watched over in this place they once knew as Earth school. It’s a wonderful thing to behold and embrace this truth; a truth which invites us all to form new and deeper relationships with those whom we have loved, but have never truly lost.

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