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This Gift's For You!

And so it begins; the annual chorus of ‘Gosh, darn, how did it get to be THAT time of the year again!’ and ‘Where did the year go?!’. And then it’s the pondering, the planning and the pursuit of that perfect present. Well, I have a gift idea for everyone this year and it’s probably a gift that you’ve stashed carefully away, but have simply forgotten about. It may be gathering a bit of dust, but it’s exquisite in its perfection and originality and it lies waiting to be unwrapped. The gift of your intuition is uniquely yours and if you want to talk about the gift that keeps on giving, well, intuition tops them all! You see, our intuition is our inner compass that always has the answers; the good answers, like, ‘I wonder if Aunt Lucille would like those paisley leg warmers? Hmmm.,,probably not.’ Bingo! Your intuition was right AGAIN!! It’s powerful beyond words and it helps us navigate our lives (and sometimes our gift choices) more freely and with a lot more ease if we would simply learn to use it and trust it. This past month I’ve been presenting the first of my Psychic Development workshops. The response has been fantastic and we’ve all had so much fun re-discovering our intuitive gifts! One more workshop to go this year, on Saturday, November 18th. There’s room for you if you’d care to join us and open one of your presents early!!

Check out my events posting for more details about the workshop and registration. Stay tuned for some great upcoming workshops that will start your New Year off on a divinely guided footing. Some topics we’ll be exploring in 2024 will be ‘Signs, Messages & Synchronicities’, ‘Spirit Guides: Their Care and Maintenance’ as well as ‘Loving Relationships From the Other Side’ and ‘Spiritual Awakening: The Owner’s Manual’. So be curious, listen to your intuition and decide to learn something new. As Benjamin Franklin so aptly observed: 'Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.'

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