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Learning the Psychic Dance

This past weekend I launched the first of my psychic development workshops and we all had a ball on the psychic dance floor! We spoke of auras, chakras, ‘thin places’, and most importantly, our intuition. It really was a re-introduction for most to their closest, treasured dance partner in life. Engaging our intuition; believing and trusting in our intuition on a regular basis, opens up our innate psychic awareness. We learn to tap into all the goodness and richness that lies within. The beauty of it all is that everyone possesses this gift. We come into our lives with this knowing, yet soon it is pushed aside for what others hope to mold us into. We are taught to look outside of ourselves for guidance and answers. I remember some very wise words I recently read; ‘If I do not go within, I go without’. How true! And so, I am honoured to assist others in remembering and enriching their lives with their unique psychic abilities through my Psychic Development workshops. The afternoon is filled with fun exercises, connection and ‘a-ha’ moments. So, what may seem initially like learning an awkward box step, with a little practice and commitment, soon turns into an elegant dance with your inner intuitive dance partner. Suddenly you are navigating the dance of life with a lot more ease and with your unique touch of magical expression. Check out my EVENTS page for more details on this fun Saturday afternoon workshop.

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