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Magnificent Mindfulness

When I ventured down to the beach today for my daily oceanside walk, I was met with an energy of expectation and silent excitement. Yes, you could definitely feel it. All eyes were on the ocean, because the orcas were about. One glance at all the whale watching vessels milling around out there was enough to draw the attention of one and all with the possibility of a glimpse of these mighty marine mammals.

Orcas or killer whales are resident in these parts, as are bald eagles, otters, sea lions and a plethora of west coast wildlife. The wonder of it all is that most of us never tire of the opportunity to witness the elusive appearance of a dorsal fin slicing though the waves or a white hooded monarch soaring across the Pacific skies. We are mindful in those moments. We are caught up in the wonder of nature. We are reminded once more of the privilege granted us to share this Earth with creatures that have the ability to connect us to the All That Is.

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