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Making the Connection

Last weekend I gave an introductory workshop on channelling and Spirit Guides. It was great fun and, as always, I came away feeling every bit as enriched as I hoped my students did. I was inspired when one student commented on how isolating the process of spiritual awakening could be. That struck a cord with me, as I had felt that keenly at the onset of my own spiritual journey. There was mutual agreement from the class and within moments I witnessed an enthusiastic sharing of email addresses. I realized just then, that not only was I there to instruct my students on the benefits and processes of connecting with their own Spirit Guides, I was there to help them make the connection to each other! How amazing was that?! I've always loved connecting like-minded people: those with particular skills or similar life experiences that would benefit from finding others with whom they could share. Most anyone that knows me has heard me speak often of my belief in the connectedness of all things and all beings. In fact, I am grateful that this blog gives me the opportunity to share. I offer my readers authors, movies and music that inspire me and perhaps further connections will result. I may never know that outcome, but I do know that we are here for each other. To inspire, to support, to offer companionship; that is what this life journey of connection means to me and in the rich experience of it all, the outcome is re-membering Who I Truly Am.

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