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My Meditation Practice is for the Birds

…and the seals, and the otters, and the rabbits. I’m a believer that there are many forms of meditation beyond the traditional. Sure, I practiced Transcendental Meditation back in the day, but I have to admit, for me and my busy ‘ego’ mind, it was a bit of a slog. Apologies to the Maharishi. I just think that everyone has to find their own way with meditation and for me that’s always been in my connection to nature. I’m blessed to live in the Pacific Northwest and even more blessed to live very close to the ocean’s shore. Most every day I take myself down to the water’s edge, sit on ‘my’ bench with my Spirit Guide and together we silently take it all in. Occasionally we’ll spy a family of otters sliding through their watery playground or glimpse the shy but curious stare of a nearby seal emerging briefly from the underwater stillness. I know that God shows up even in the big, beautiful eyes of a seal! Gazing far out across the waves and sometimes into dimensions beyond the physical, we are at one with the Creator. It is in this place that we find our peaceful bliss. That’s what I desire from my meditation; an intimate sense of communion with the Divine. This is a joy-filled practice. I would always advocate for a meditation practice, in whatever form you choose, that’s anticipated for the pleasure it can offer. That’s right, pleasure, otherwise, well, what is the point?! God knows, and believe me He does, that we need to embrace more joy and pleasure in our lives. It’s from that pleasure found in meditation: the still and mindful connection to our higher selves that we move ever closer to the peace, the unconditional love and the truth of the I Am that we are. So whether it’s on a yoga mat, a park bench or a living room recliner; meditation is truly what and where YOU make it.

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