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Psychic or Medium?

So often I'm asked if there is a difference between a psychic and a medium and if so, what distinguishes the two? It's certainly a legitimate question and there is indeed a distinction. Simply put, a psychic 'perceives' energy while a medium 'receives' energy. A psychic can often tell you of your past, your present and sometimes your future. A medium, on the other hand, has trained themselves to receive energy from another energy source beyond the veil or from the world of Spirit. As an evidential medium (more about that in another posting!), I have trained myself to raise my own energetic vibration in order to connect to souls who have passed from this Earthly realm. Once a soul has passed and made that transition from their physical body, their energy has assumed a much higher frequency than our own. Therefore, I must be able to 'tune into' their frequency; like searching for a radio bandwidth and getting a clear signal. Similarly, that soul must lower their vibration in order to connect with mine. Once we have made contact, then the communication can take place and evidence and messages can come through, so that I can pass this information on to my client. As a medium, I am simply the vessel of communication that relays messages from a loved one on this side to a loved one on the other side. It makes for a beautiful and often unforgettable encounter!

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