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Round Peg: Square Hole

The analogy of the round peg and square hole is one most of us are familiar with. It’s not necessarily an easy road we ‘round pegs’ navigate, as we roll along that path less travelled, dodging the pre-determined, pre-packaged ‘square hole’ of societal norms. As a child it took some time for me to accept that standing outside the crowd and feeling so very different from my peers was an OK place to be. In fact, it took years. Perhaps if someone had taken me aside early on, looked me straight in the eye and said ‘Listen kid, face it; you’re different. Why the heck would you ever want to be like anyone else anyway? You’re MAGNIFICENT!! Just take a look at yourself; using your imagination left, right and centre. Talking to non-physical beings? Right on! You go for it!!' (Little did I know at the time that these were very likely my Spirit Guides, come to cheer me on along my creative path.) And boy, was I creative! For me creativity was to be found in just about everything I did and it ultimately led me to my own understanding of the beauty that is a ‘round peg’. The music, the art and the very discovery of inspiration peaking out from the most unlikely places was what brought me to the realization that I truly was a necessary 'peg' within the whole; that Oneness that we are all connected to. I’m daily grateful that I’ve danced to my own music and fearlessly learned to express myself as only I can. I’m a work in progress, as are we all. But ultimately it’s not about being a ‘round peg’, it’s about being an individual contributing member of the greater Spiritual family. Round peg, square hole; we’re all having this life experience in order to remember WHO WE ARE and to find bliss and joy in the beautiful I AM!

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