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Spirit Guides: Their Force Is Always With You!

So who are these ‘spirit guides’ exactly? Did you know that you have your own team of Divine cheerleaders, ready to assist you the moment you ask for their help? It’s a fact and something I had little knowledge of myself until I began my channeling journey a few years back. My guides (I have nineteen of them) were chosen by mutual agreement before I came into this particular lifetime. I made a contract of sorts to come to this Earth ‘school’ to learn lessons. The lessons we choose to learn in any particular lifetime might involve patience, tolerance, self-love, compassion or any number of other aspects the soul needs in order to grow in Divine wisdom and love. In order to accomplish this list of Earthly ‘to dos’, we often require assistance. Nice to know we don’t have to do all of this life lesson stuff on our own, isn’t it? Your guides are particular to you for several reasons. Perhaps they know you will encounter lessons that they themselves have had to learn in lifetimes past. Perhaps they are so similar in character to you, that they will be attuned to your exact needs. Ancestors, relations, friends, even individuals you might never have met or known of can be your Spirit Guides. Also included in the group might be what we term Ascended Masters and/or entities from realms beyond what we know of this Earthly plane. It all depends on you and what you are here to learn this time around. Spirit Guides desire to help you on your life’s journey. What really lights them up, however, is when you are curious about them and wish to form closer working relationships. How do you do that? Well, one of the best and most rewarding ways is to channel them. This is done in a variety of ways. Personally, I connect with my loving entourage best when I engage in my automatic writing practice. It’s an amazing and often transformational practice that you can learn to develop for yourself and I am happy to help you. If you are ready to make these life-enhancing connections to Spirit, then take a look on my Services page of this website to learn more.

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