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The Spider Chronicles

No, let’s change that to the Spider Chronicle - singular, because the probability of my ever writing about this subject again is highly unlikely at best. However, I’m determined this autumn to face my arachnophobic fears and explore the world of the eight-legged beastie. That would be the unwanted annual house guest who scuttles with grim determination across my bedroom carpet or induces a rare ‘house of horrors’ scream from my being upon its unexpected appearance. I’ve been known to sleep on the couch if I know there’s a ‘killer spider’ lurking in my bedroom. True confessions here, but I know I’m not alone in this. So, apart from their assistance in ridding us of other unwanted creepy crawlies, I’m looking up some positive spiritual meanings of the spider. Surely to goodness there are some redeeming qualities about arachnids that can help me to regard them with a smidgeon of compassion. Yes, indeed I find that the spider has many deeper messages to convey. I particularly like the fact that spiders remind us of our ability to remap our destiny throughout our lives. Spiders are energetic weavers of webs. No matter how often that web is destroyed, the spider quickly gets back to work and rebuilds. The spider reminds us not to hold onto our creations for too long. In the act of creating, releasing and rebuilding we are inviting renewal and soul growth into our human lives. And so, that attribute along with their determination, tenacity and strength in the face of adversity are softening my heart to the presence of spiders in my life during this, my favourite season of the year. But honestly, I ask you God, eight legs???!!!

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