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There's No Place Like Home

For those of you familiar with the classic movie, 'The Wizard of Oz', you'll no doubt recall the final scene. We see Dorothy safely returned from her adventures in the Land Of Oz. She wakes up in her humble little bed to see family and friends surrounding her with concern and relief. What they view as an awakening from a 'bump on the head', Dorothy argues is otherwise. She's convinced that she truly did experience all the colourful characters and magical elements of her adventure. Most importantly, however, she arrives back having learned one very valuable lesson. She now knows that in spite of chasing after what she believed to be her heart's desire, she has been fortunate enough to realize that her heart's desire has been within her all along. Our true home lies within us: that place where our soul resides. It is here that we discover our beautiful connection to Source and with it all the strength, wonder and love we will ever need in this lifetime and well beyond our own 'yellow brick road.'

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