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Travel Companions

Ah, the journey of life; the places we’ve been and all the places we have yet to discover. There are times when we become the weary traveller. All that baggage and the extra items we’ve packed for the trip start to weigh us down. Sure would be nice to have some friendly, personal travel guide along to help us navigate our route, assist with the load and just provide some welcome companionship. So, we’re trudging along with all our ‘clobber’, thinking to ourselves that this travelling gig sure isn’t as fun as we thought it would be. Suddenly we spy a tourist information office up ahead and step inside. It feels good to rest for a moment; take the load off. What a welcome we receive! It’s as if our arrival was long anticipated. We make our request for some assistance and sit patiently in the cool ambience of the waiting room. Glad we took the time to ask for directions, we know this feels good. This feels hopeful. This feels like….we’re not alone! Indeed at that moment we are aware of a group of smart, shiny travel guides smiling down at us. A loving hand is extended to help us to our feet. With all our baggage in hand, they happily announce that they are at our service. They are our personal Spirit Guides, there to travel the remainder of our journey alongside us, giving guidance, assistance and direction along the way. When we have the awareness of our Spirit Guides always acting on our behalf and when we ask them for their divine help, we can realize with clarity and confidence what it is to truly enjoy our lives on a deeper, more meaningful level. Our journey becomes lighter and a whole lot happier. Want some good travel advice? That's easy. Spirit Guides, don't leave HOME without them!

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