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When This You See...

Surely one of the greatest gifts a mother can give a child is wings to fly. My mother did just that; always supporting me in my creative endeavours and recognizing very early on that I was a fiercely independent soul. She was there to guide, but knew my spirit was hungry to fly solo once I overcame more than one or two clumsy flying lessons! It's no wonder that shortly after she passed, over ten years ago now, I began to see eagles with uncanny frequency. I soon came to realize without a doubt that this was the sign she had chosen to send me. When I am privileged to view a magnificent eagle, I am honoured by its spiritual message of strength, divinity, freedom and self-expression. Most especially, I am reminded of the love of a mother who remains ever close to me in spirit. Those we have loved on this Earthly plane wish to remain close to us and will often send signs to remind us of that unbroken and steadfast connection. It's up to us to be ready and open to receiving those messages of love from beyond the veil. Will it be a favourite movie, a piece of music or maybe a souvenir of childhood that brings them to mind? It means training ourselves to 'see' and sense in different ways a language unique to those in the world of Spirit, who long to remind us that death is only an illusion and that in love, our souls are eternal.

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