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You Are Psychic

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Chances are nobody has ever told you this, but before you conjure a vision of yourself decked out in a crazy caftan, turban atop your head and gazing intently into a crystal ball, let me set you straight on this one. We are all of us psychic, that is, we all possess an intuition. When employed on a regular basis, our intuition opens up our psychic awareness and abilities. Nothing to be alarmed about or in the least fearful of; our unique psychic gifts help us to engage with life on a deeper, more meaningful level. You see, when we first come into this world as the eager little munchkins we remember ourselves to be, all the ‘remembering’ and the knowing is intact. Gradually the rules and regulations squeeze this good stuff out of us. We are molded and formed to conform. Conform, with its prefix con-, "with" or "together", means basically "to adopt the form of those around you”. As a creative, this just never felt right to me. Why couldn’t I be comfortable with my own unique and consistently off-beat perspective of my world? And then I found out the truth of it all. What a gift to see the world beyond what my five physical senses were telling me and to give myself full permission to express myself beyond the boundaries that society's norms wished to dictate. So, now I want to share this experience with you and help you to develop what’s been inside you all along: your innate ability to experience life through your psychic lens. Believe me, that’s when you invite the magic in. It’s as if the binoculars we are used to seeing through transform into a kaleidoscope filled with colour and potential. Psychic Development Workshops are offered each Saturday afternoon throughout October and November, here at the Sarabande Treasures studio in Oak Bay. Each class is limited in number as we try out a variety of fun and imaginative exercises that will tap into our intuitive and psychic awareness. Check out my EVENTS page for more details or simply contact me at for more details. I love answering questions!!

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